How to Find the Sweet Life

Most of us spend a lot of time looking for the "sweet spot" in life. If you often feel a sense of "restlessness," .... maybe you're searching for it right now. Looking back in my life, there are times when I wanted to be anywhere other than … [Read more]

When God Whispers a Dream

When God whispers a dream for your life, make no mistake: The journey to it will be hard. A God-inspired dream is an unquenchable fire that smolders in our hearts.  Some refer to it as a "Calling" a divine prompting that settles deep within our … [Read more]

Turn Back to Your God-given Vision!

Has God Given You a Vision? Something wonderful whispered to you on a quiet night when all you could hear was the wind in the trees and your breath in the air?  Did it flash across your mind's eye on an all-too ordinary day, looking out of the … [Read more]

Crossing Your Jordan into a Promised Land

Did you ever know that God was asking you to do something ... but you put it off? I have. In fact, He's been asking me to do something for years now, but I'm going to admit something to you: I've been too scared to do it. Let me explain: I'm a … [Read more]