Are you looking for answers to take charge of your family's health again?

Maybe your family, like my family, has a high deductible insurance policy. That means that every time one of us is sick, we pay our health care fees out of pocket until our deductible is met...and that deductible is set at THOUSANDS of dollars.....each year!

Last fall, when our premium went up approximately $200/month, I decided that the best way to fight the rising costs of healthcare was to find ways to keep my family healthy.  That's when I first thought about trying essential oils.

But I had a few objections that kept me from giving them a try. Objections like:

  • Are essential oils for real?
  • Are they just the latest type of snake oil? And...
  • Will I be pressured to sell the oils?

If you are interested in trying essential oils, maybe you've had similar objections.

In this video, I tell you why I decided to put these objections aside and give Young Living Essential Oils a try... and I'm so glad I did!

Are you ready to give Young Living Essential Oils a try? Great!  

You have several options to get started:

  1. You can purchase individual products or oils (paying the retail price); or
  2. You can purchase The Young Living Premium Starter Kit.

I highly recommend that you go with Option 2, which is what most people choose.  (It's the kit I started with, too.) It's simply a fantastic deal. By purchasing a premium starter kit, you get:

  1.  11 essential oils, 2 sample packets of each of the top 5 oils, PLUS a diffuser!  If you bought everything in kit separately it would total $340, but with this deal, you only have to pay $160!
  2. You are getting the “Everyday Oils," the very best oils to start with because these are the ones that you'll use everyday! With these 11 oils, you'll have the oils that your family will need to start their journey towards better health and wellness.
  3. By purchasing the Premium Starter Kit, you automatically become a Young Living Member. This means that you can buy any product of Young Living at 24% of retail price...with no obligation to buy anything else at all. You will not be automatically signed up to receive future products.
  4. One PRICELESS perk is that you'll have access to my team's years of knowledge about Young Living oils, including oil recipes, suggestions, and a place to ask your questions... anytime. I am so glad I found this wonderful team of oil experts called "The Lemon Droppers," a truly AWESOME group providing support, encouragement, education, and tons of valuable information. You, too, will have access to this amazing group!
  5. IF —and only if you desire—you can also join our team as oil advocates and help teach others about the powerful benefits of essential oils. You are NEVER required to sell the oils. 

Just choose the option that's right for you.

For either of the options above, simple go to the above link and choose your option:


Note: If you choose to purchase a Premium Starter Kit, you can choose from several diffuser options including the Dew Drop, the Bamboo, the Rainstone, and the amazing Aria. Prices of kit may vary depending on your diffuser choice.

Ready to Give Essential Oils a Try?

Get started with Young Living Essential Oils Now!

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