40 Prayers for Perilous Times

For every person who has felt frustrated, confused and helpless by the state of the world today, God has a better plan.

Would you pray more if you knew — beyond a shadow of a doubt — that your prayers would impact your neighborhood, your city, your nation, and even the world in an astounding way? We were never meant to be powerless in perilous times like today, tossed about in the storms of corruption, politics, terrorism, and uncertainty.

Powerful prayer impacts the world. Through prayer, we invite God into our story, and when that happens we see a dramatic change in the world and in life.


Olde Providence Press

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As we write our prayers and give them to him each of these forty days, His amazing grace and everlasting love will overflow in our hearts for all to see, and we will see His perfect will. And we know that God gets good out of the bad when we trust Him for it.

Ernie Kennard

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Such a wonderful book of prayer and encouragement for us to develop our own personal prayers. Beautiful link to scripture. A great guide and appropriate for all times in our lives. I liked the book so much I bought for many of my prayer partners.


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This book is a bold collection of prayers that are so relevant to the current state of our nation, but it also transcends current times and can be applied to all aspects of life. Kelly Langston incorporates scripture for the reader and also encourages the reader to journal their own prayers. Great read and helpful to have close by for reference.


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Pray 40 Prayers for Perilous Times and see what a difference prayer makes!!


40 prayers for perilous times:

Powerful Intercessory Prayers for an Upside-Down World

The next 40 days are going to change your life as you discover one of the most powerful and often overlooked ways to pray.

This is the kind of prayer that makes mountains move, rocks shake, walls crumble, and doors open. You won’t see those things happen with wishful thinking or “positive thoughts.”

Child of God, you were never meant to be a powerless, ineffective Christian tossed about in the tumultuous storms that we see in today’s current events.

Don’t waste one more minute feeling discouraged or powerless. It’s time to stand up God’s way!

Learn how to pray bold, intercessory prayers based on God’s Biblical promises for living in perilous times. After 40 days, you’ll see that prayer is one of the most thrilling aspects of Christian Living.

This Christian journal leads prayer warriors on a journey to impact the world in ways you can’t begin to imagine. Experience the power of praying God’s Word — and expect God to respond!

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“I loved the true raw passion of the use of scripture in this book..... We all need to pray this was an awesome way to start each day. I will re-read this one."

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" This book will help you navigate a whole new spiritual path. One that has the power and the ear of the Almighty in ways that will transform not only your life but the world around you! As Kelly says..."..God is seeking people who will humble themselves and pray, who will trust His Word and intercede for our families, for our neighborhoods, and for the nations of the world...there exists a secret army of prayer warriors, living in simple homes and quiet spaces. The world does not recognize them, but know this: God does.

Lori Lee

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