Kelly Langston

Motivation to Reach Your God-Inspired Dream

Hello! I’m Kelly.
I believe that God gives inspired dreams to all believers.

My dream is to help you reach yours.

Author and Dreamer.

God is inspiring dreams today.  I know, because He called me to write my first book, Autism’s Hidden Blessings: Discovering God’s Promises for Autistic Children and Their Families.

Oh, I had doubts!  I was a special needs mama who didn’t have time to write. Our family budget was tight. (Extremely tight) I had no platform. Why would a publisher contract with me to write a book?

I doubted that I could write anything that would matter to anyone.

Yet of this I was certain: God called me to write that book.  I said yes, and God made it happen.

He gave me the time to write.
He provided a publisher.
Best of all, He reminded me of sweet Biblical promises for my readers.
He led me in writing every sentence.

I was never alone.

God will do what He says He will do. We only need to seek Him first. We need to listen for His direction.

The truth? It’s hard to follow a dream of authoring a book. We have doubts. Reality sets in and the dream seems impossible.

And really, it is an impossible dream. But not for God.

If your dream seems impossible, take heart. God is in the businesses of helping His children reach impossible dreams.

Is He calling you to a special dream? If so, let me know.

You can tell me about it here:

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Published Author Gone Rogue

I’ve authored both traditionally published and self-published books. I’ve pitched proposals to publishers, and I’ve walked through the entire process my editor, cover designer, and publisher.

I’ve also learned how to self-publish. I know where to find cover designers and editors. I’ve personally designed entire books from start to finish, and I’ve self published them for print and digital formats.

I create Amazon ads that get my books in front of readers, and I scoured the tech industry to learn the easiest, most effective and economical ways to publish and market a book.

Most importantly — and this is what really matters I know how to listen to God for guidance in all that I do.  This is the ONE THING that will set a Christian author apart from the rest.

We write to glorify God, and when we allow Him to lead the way, we will reach people in powerful ways that we cannot begin to imagine.

I want to teach you how to listen… to write… to inspire… to encourage… and to be published. 

What I Believe:

Every believer has a God-inspired purpose.

We were created to glorify God with our talents and unique giftings.  That means that you have a destiny that God created you to fulfill.

You are never too old, too young, too poor, or too financially limited to be all that God created you to be.

God calls us to special tasks that we cannot accomplish in our own power. He will empower you to fulfill any dream that He has inspired. He will make a way, and through you, He will be glorified.

God is calling people to creative works. Especially right now!

The world is filled with violence. This is especially true in the entertainment field. There are far too many dark, violent, depressing books and movies.

Now is the time for Spirit-filled authors to rise up and answer the call to create stories of hope and encouragement.

Has God whispered a call for you to write? If so, it’s time to answer that call! Don’t delay… rise up and write!

Don’t Wait Any Longer.
Start the journey towards your dream today.


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