Whoops.  I did it again. I’ve overbooked my time for tomorrow. Again. I need to make a decision about which appointment to honor, and which to let slip.  I hate missing appointments, but authentic Christians mess up sometimes. Thankfully, Jesus sends grace, grace, grace.

How to decide? One appointment for tomorrow is located at my home church and feeds my spirit immensely.  I long for the comfort of being with the ladies who share this appointment with me each Tuesday morning.  The other appointment involves donating some of my professional skills to a worthwhile cause that is very close to my heart.

Which to appointment to honor? Today’s Bible study helped me decide:

I’m completing the “Experiencing God” study this winter. Just this morning, the study asked me if I would interrupt my personal plans–even plans that meant a lot to me– if God called me to do something for His Greater Plan. Hmmmm. Authentically, I probably would want to go do my own thing.  I would reason away God’s call to His work around me.

And then today comes the test. (I should have seen it coming!) Sometimes I wish God would come and sit on my sofa with me and spell it out for me, tell me exactly what He wants me to do and why, but He doesn’t work that way, does He?

So tomorrow, I am going to go and serve.  I will miss my Church at Charlotte ladies, but will see them next week.  I am sure that God will meet me there.


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