Authenticity Challenge: What Christianity Really Looks Like

written by Kelly Langston | Featured

January 25, 2010

I have a current call for at least 12 bloggers who want to join me in an Authenticity Challenge. Only a few have so far accepted my invitation.  These bloggers have committed to posting at least once a day about daily events with an emphasis how his or her Christian faith colored the day’s events.  I don’t want sugar-coated stories, but real introspection exploring how faith plays out in life.  (Read full details here.)

Christianity effects us in small, subtle and often-overlooked ways.  Our God is present with us at every moment and each day we are here, we are purposed by God. What does that look like?

Paula Wiseman joined in and has already begun posting on her blog, Sage Words: Engage, Enlighten and Encourage. In today’s post, “Shameless,”  Paula asks if authentic faith is shameless.  Paula writes:

“Being one of God’s children cannot co-exist with being ashamed. He removed all my shame when the salvation transaction was completed. I’m the only one who can allow the shame back. When Satan delivers it to my doorstep, it may be labelled failure, or regret, or a label I’m not expecting. No matter what, I must not pick up the baggage.”

I encourage you to read Paula’s entire post. You can find it at:

I will be following Paula’s posts while I am exploring authenticity in my own Christian life and posting all of the raw details.  Care to join me? I’m still looking for bloggers who aren’t afraid to write about what genuine Christianity really looks like: imperfect people living out a perfecting faith.

If you are interested, comment below with your name and blog address.

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