Autism Awareness DayIt’s World Autism Awareness Day 2015.

Just another day for many, but to families with a loved one with autism, this day will no doubt include a struggle or two. Autism is hard, you know.

But today, 12 years after my son Alec was diagnosed with autism, I want to take a few minutes to be grateful for all that it has taught me. Yes, learning to live with (and even find joy and laughter in the midst of) autism has been one of the biggest challenges of my life. But all of the tears, the battles—some won, some lost—have made me who I am today, and you know what?

  • I am a stronger mom than I was 12 years ago.
  • I have learned that Love can do so much more than what we can ask or imagine.
  • I know that God is with us even in the very depths of autism.
  • I have been blessed to meet other autism parents who are amazing… they are some of the best people I have ever know.
  • I have been blessed to see incredible beauty in the autistic children I have gotten to know along the way. God is teaching me to see a child’s full potential like He does.
  • I know that autism (or any disability) will never keep a child from a God-given purpose. That is an incredible thing to experience.

Autism is not a final destination.
It’s simply a chapter in the book of our lives, in a story that is not yet over.

I am so thankful for my wonderful son, Alec.  I am thankful for every autism Mom and Dad who has inspired me…  you know who you are. And I am thankful that God chose us to be Alec’s parents, even though it is hard sometimes.  I know that when I am most weak… He is strong.

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