Autism’s Hidden Blessings Online Study – Week 2

Autism's Hidden Blessings Online Study

This Week’s Assignment:

1) Read Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 of Autism’s Hidden Blessings

2) Download the Homework for this Unit. You can do so by clicking here:

(PDF format): AHB Online Study Homework Week 2 Homework

3) Watch the Video Message for this week’s study:


4) After you have completed your homework, please complete the journal questions below.

Please feel free to comment about your observations from this week’s assignment. You can post a question and/or discuss the homework and video here.

Week 2 Journal Questions
Question #1 – God is right there in your story, fully aware and in control, even when we are not. He is ready, able and very much willing to enter YOUR story and make it an amazing one! But you’ll have to allow God to sit in the Director’s Chair of your life. Remember, we still have that precious gift of free will. God is ready and waiting to be invited into your story. What about your story? Could God be doing something behind the scenes in your life?
Your Answer:

Question #2 – What challenges do you now face? Do they seem insurmountable?

Your Answer:

Question #3 – Have you officially asked God to sit in the “Director’s Chair” of your life?

Your Answer:

Question #4 – It’s hard to trust a promise if we cannot trust the one making that promise. God knew this would be difficult, and so He sent Jesus, His own Son, to help us get to know the Creator of the Universe. In Jesus, we find human flesh that walked in our dust, and hungered, thirsted, hurt and suffered just like us. Because of Jesus, we can never say that “God just doesn’t understand our sufferings.” There is something so compassionate in that God would send HIS only son to redeem us and bring us back to Him. Make no mistake: when we hurt as we watch our children in their daily struggles, God draws very near to us because He’s been there, too. We have a God Who understands. How does it change the way you feel about God in knowing that He, too, had to watch His Own child suffer?

Your Answer:

Question #5 – In your own journey with autism, are you concerned that you do not have the resources to succeed in helping your loved one?
Your Answer:

Question #6 – What do you have right now for your battle? Take a quick inventory.
Your Answer:

Question #7 – God wants to fight this battle for you, and He will bring you a great victory, but you must do what David did before he ran at his giant. You must declare the battle as God’s battle. When you do, there isn’t a giant anywhere who can defeat you … not even a giant such as autism. Have you declared your battle to be God’s battle?
Your Answer: Yes, I have!




In Chapters 4 & 5, we’ll talk about God’s promise of refreshment and renewal, something we all need, and then discuss a very special chapter about God’s ability to reveal Himself to our children…even without words!  Stay tuned!




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