Woman-Skipping-With-Children“I’m happy.”

That’s what Alec says to me as we run errands today.  Two little words.

There are many things wrong in our family life right now. The pressures of life that are not worthy of mentioning here.  You may know what I mean.

My inner thought life is like a storm these days, one that refuses to move on. The waiting … the wondering …. the struggle to persevere.

My focus has long been on the “wrong” of my days: Middle school. School supplies. Braces. House repairs. Too many things to do in too little time.

The truth is that I am called to be content, but content I am not.  Too many desires. Too many wants. Too many dreams yet unmet.

And then my son says to me, skipping as he typically does, “I’m happy.”  He is happy to breathe. Happy to move. Happy to simply be.

He looks up at me and smiles.

And I smile, too.

Lord, once again, you speak to me through the simple joy I see in my son.  Father, let me be content today, too. Content to breathe, content to move and content to simply be. 




Kelly Langston Reach Your Promised Land

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