Always on the Outside Looking In? Here’s a Word of Encouragement

written by Kelly Langston | Featured, Promised-Based Living

July 21, 2011

Have you ever felt that you’ll never fit in or find your place? Have you stood at a window–palms pressed to glass–looking into the place where you want to be, seeing people there but knowing you don’t have access?  Waiting for a door to open that seems forever locked?

Knocking on that door, are you answered with words that you are:

Not Experienced
Not Welcomed
Too Old, Too Young

We’ve all been there.  You could be in a place of unemployment, or maybe you’ve been locked out of a particular social circle. You could be unable to advance in your career or in the fight of your life for a better relationship.  There are times when it seems we are locked out of the place we want to be.

WhiteDoveIf you feel like you will never get there, let me share with you a story, one that I hope will encourage you to look for the promise of God’s favor in your own life despite the circumstances:

Here’s the story:

A few years ago, I met with a sweet friend to share coffee, encouragement, and prayer.  We were both treading water in a sea of financial stress.  She had been looking for work for more than a year, and I was struggling to keep my family encouraged as my husband’s business faltered with no new projects on the horizon.

We had been meeting for months to share scriptures and hope with each other. When one of us couldn’t go another (seemingly) hopeless day, the other would speak a gentle word and share a promise from scripture.  Make no mistake, it was a dark time and to this day we are still shaking the muck and mire from our feet.

But on one particularly distressing day, my friend and I sat in the coffee shop at a table adjacent to a glass window.  Our table was drizzled with coffee, tea and more than a few tears of frustration.  My friend had been rejected for yet another job, and my husband was so discouraged that I felt helpless.

Then God showed up.

In the ugliness of that moment, two beautiful pure white doves flew down to our coffee shop window and perched on the window frame by our table. Startled, we watched as the doves pecked at the window for about five minutes, almost as if to get our attention. We were speechless, watching these two beautiful white birds only an inch away from us, pecking on the glass.  Then, just as suddenly as they came, they flew away.

I have never again seen a white dove in nature, and in fact, I don’t recall seeing one before that day.  Oh, I have seen pigeons, and I’ve seen grey doves–but never a white dove. And certainly not two doves.

Think what you may, but here’s the reason why I am sharing this story:  If you feel discouraged like I did, then God has a message for you today, the same one He sent to me at the coffee shop.  His message is this:

You, my child, are greatly favored.
You are greatly valued.
I know where you are, and I see your situation.
I AM El Roi, the God Who Sees!
I am with you, and I will see you through this storm.

When you are met with discouragement due to whatever situation you face, you need to know that God’s favor rests on you even when it seems like the world stands against us. Satan will come to us in times of trial, whispering, “Where is your God now? Has He forgotten you?”

Take heart. He has NOT forgotten you!  Remember that you are a favored child, even in times such as these.  In fact, we need to remember God’s favor, especially in the dark times! Satan would have us forget… and lose the battle.

Here’s what I want to leave you with…it is not our battle.  It’s God’s battle.  He will be victorious.

I’ll leave you with the words of Christ in the temple as He stepped into His great mission of salvation. Jesus unrolled the scroll of Isaiah and read these words:

   “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, 
   because he has anointed me 
   to proclaim good news to the poor. 
He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners 
   and recovery of sight for the blind, 
to set the oppressed free, 
   to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”
Luke 4:16-19

Remember, if you are in Christ….then you have the Lord’s favor.  Live in that favor!

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Kelly Langston sees prayer move mountains... and she writes about it. Author and prayer enthusiast, inspires through her writing, combining faith, storytelling, and transformative prayer to encourage deeper a rich spiritual connection with the Father. Having authored four non-fiction books and a series of "God Speaks" digital journals, she guides readers towards intimate conversations with God and recognizes the impact of prayer on our world.

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