The Lord prepares a Place of Promise for his children… a Promised Land.  It’s the place where God’s provision flows. It’s a place of great peace.  A place of steady joy.  It’s there for us, but we won’t just walk into it. Instead,

We’ll have to take it, just as the Israelites
had to take their own Promised Land.

Scripture teaches us about God’s ways. In the story of the Israelites, and after years of slavery, God prepared a place for them. And yet, He required that they step into that land and possess it.  The had to believe God’s promise and walk it out despite overwhelming odds against them. They would only live in that land if they believed God’s promise that it was theirs. God requires faith.

He still does.

The Bible contains hundreds and hundreds of God’s promises for His children. That’s why Scripture is called a Living Word. His Word has power. It changes things. I am convinced that there is so much more that could be ours if only we would step out and believe what He says. Doing so—stepping out and possessing that land—is an extraordinary and victorious way of living that I call Promised-Based Living. 

Do you want to lay hold of that Place of Promise? If so, you’ll have to take on giants. You’ll have to press on when things seem impossible. You’ll have to walk in God’s ways, going exactly where He calls you.  You’ll have to listen to His voice and lean into His instruction.

It will seem impossible to take the land. 

And yet, I have to tell you something, if you dare to believe it:

He’s already given the place of promise to you.
You CAN have it if you trust Him.

So do you? Do you want all that God has prepared for YOU? I do.

Let’s journey together in 2018 and step out. Let’s walk together into the Place of Promise that God has for us. I’ve love to share this journey with you on this blog.

Please comment and tell me what you think. Are you ready??? Because it’s time.


Kelly Langston

Post photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash
Kelly Langston Reach Your Promised Land

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