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God Speaks: 31 Day Digital Journal Winter 2024- Pampas Grass Design

31 Day Digital Journal for Use with Tablets (Digital Download Only)
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Introducing "God Speaks 31 Day Journal - Winter 2024 Edition - Pampas Grass"

Welcome to a transformative journey towards a deeper relationship with God with our digital journal, "God Speaks: 31 Day Digital Journal - Winter 2024 Pampas Grass Edition." Dive into each day with beautiful pampas grass graphics that set the tone for inspiration and reflection.


  • Set Goals & Find Your "One Thing": Start your month with purpose by setting goals and determining your focus for the month.
  • Monthly Goals & Daily Reflections: Journaling space provided to track your progress and reflect on your journey.
  • Scripture, Understanding, Application: Daily readings allow you to delve into scripture, gain understanding, apply it to your life, and respond through journaling.
  • Designated Prayer Request Pages: Keep track of your prayer requests and witness how faith moves mountains.
  • Exclusively for Tablets: Available for use on tablets with apps like GoodNotes and Noteshelf (tablets and apps not included).

Embrace each day with a renewed spirit and embark on a fulfilling adventure of faith and self-discovery. Let "God Speaks 31 Day Journal" be your companion in this exciting chapter of your spiritual growth.

Get ready to listen, reflect, and grow as God speaks to you through this unique digital journal.

  • No physical product will be shipped. This is a digital item with instant download.
  • Tablet, Apps and Apple Pen or Tablet Stylus are not included. (You will want an Apple pen or a stylus! It is not compatible with cell phones.)
  • This product is designed for digital use and not for printing.
Compatible Devices:
  • Apple iPad
  • Android Tablet
  • Microsoft Surface / Tablet
Compatible Apps:
Note-taking apps that allow PDF import. (Examples: GoodNotes, Notability, Noteshelf, Xodo)


God Speaks: 31 Day Digital Journal Winter 2024- Pampas Grass Design

"Instructions and Thank You" PDF File: Instructions on how to use the planner/journal...The Tools You’ll Need, Choosing a Note-taking App, Importing into Your App, and Importing/Using Digital Stickers. ALSO IN THIS PDF FILE: How to Access the Free Online Course: “God Speaks: How to Listen & Confirm God’s Voice”

Read the "Instructions and Thank You" PDF file that I’ve included in your order with instructions.
Details to access your bonuses are in the "Instructions" PDF file.

I’ve been journaling since I was in middle school, and I have stacks and stacks of journals. Since 2015, I’ve been recording my dreams and interpreting the symbolism by referring to scripture. Often I want to refer back to something I’ve written — a special Word, or some symbol in a dream — but I have difficultly locating the entry. Digital note-taking apps (like Goodnotes) are now able to do handwriting word searches! Now I can find my entries!

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