My father always told me, “Kelly, avoid the highs in life, and you’ll avoid the lows. Be realistic in your dreams.”

Dad urged me to be a teacher, an honorable profession no doubt, but I knew in my soul that I was a writer. But the dream of writing a book? Too unrealistic!  I might as well believe I will be an Oscar-winner.  Instead, I chose a “safe” way to continue to write and studied advertising and marketing.

From 1991 until 2007, I churned out proposals, slogans and web copy. I penned the best marketing fluff I could muster. Funny, but the writing left me empty inside.  Was I adding anything to the world that made a difference?  One night about three years ago, God called me back to the floor of my bedroom to my old dusty journals from my school years.  Pages and pages of poetry sprinkled the hand-penned stories of my life. As I read the entries on bedroom floor they brought tears to my eyes. I felt the old pains of growing up as if each event took place hours ago.

Then I heard Him whisper, “This is what I created you to do.  Write for me.” “Okay,” I thought.  “but God, it’s too hard to be published.  Think of the odds! ”  A year later, I had a publishing contract.  The next year my first book was released, and guess who inspired me in the writing phase, calling every few days to encourage me?  That’s right, my dad.  He’s been my biggest supporter since.

Why am I telling you this story? Because I now know that we only have one life. We need to make it count.  My advice to you, then? Go for the highs!


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