God is Speaking. Are You Listening?Back in 2005 when I started a blog, I wrote simply because I needed to pour out all of the emotions that were roaring inside of me.  I wrote from passion, frustration and pain. Honestly,  I didn’t care if anyone read the words or not.

I wrote because somewhere in those words,
I was leaning into God.

Now, ten years later, there are many bloggers and lots of chatter.  I’ve been distracted to say the least. Distracted by technology, cool marketing tips, loads of books and better bloggers.

Somewhere in the midst of all that I’ve drifted way from my first love… writing from my heart to share my God-story.

God is always listening, waiting for our cry—the words from our soul. The prayers of our heart.

God hears. And God responds.
God is speaking today, but in all of the chatter, I’ve been missing His responses.

So I invite you, today, to join me in returning to our first love.. God.  God is speaking. He has a message for you, and He has one for me. What will He say?

Start with this simple prayer:

Lord, I know you are here and I know that you HEAR.  I am listening today, Lord. What will you say to me?

Feel free to share what you hear on this blog. It’s okay, though, if God has a word for you to keep to yourself. He does that sometimes, too.

I love you guys, and pray that you’ll be blessed today in a very special way.


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