Guest Post: Author Paula Wiseman on Writing, Worship and the Revelance of God’s Word

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May 5, 2011

Today I wanted to give a shout out to Paula Wiseman, my friend and author of Contingency and, more recently her newest book Indemnity. Both books are part of Paula’s Covenant of Trust Christian Fiction Series. (Get reading! Book 3: Precedent will release later in 2011.)

Paula’s Covenant of Trust series tackles the difficult subject of infidelity as she takes her readers on a journey through a powerful story of lost trust, grace and faith.  Want to know more? Here is a little about Contingency:

Bobbi Molinsky’s comfortable life is shattered when a forwarded email from her husband’s account lands in her inbox. The email teases, “My whole evening is free again.” After an angry confrontation with Chuck, she is left with the broken remains of an eighteen year marriage.  The question is: Where is God?

Paula’s follow-up, Indemnity, considers how Christians are to respond when God brings us to the extreme boundary of faith… then asks us to go one step more. How do we forgive the unforgivable? Does grace or mercy or justice have a limit?  In this second book, lead characters Bobbi and Chuck have rebuilt their marriage after his affair, and are forced to deal with the reappearance of the other woman and the son born from the infidelity.

And now, a word from Paula!:

I love Kelly’s heart, and I love how it comes through in everything she writes, even her tweets. When she agreed to guest post for me, she graciously offered to reciprocate. “Plus you can write about your book!” she said. Writers never turn down a chance to talk about their books.

First some background – So many people question whether Scripture is relevant, whether it has the answers for us in this day and age, and whether it can speak to the deepest cries of our hearts.

I believe God’s word IS relevant, it DOES have the answers for us even in this day and age, and it absolutely CAN speak to the deepest cries of our hearts.

In Contingency, Bobbi and Chuck Molinsky struggle with trust, forgiveness and redemption after his infidelity nearly destroys their marriage. In the background of the story, God calls them to enter into a covenant of trust with Him, challenging them to place their unwavering trust in His sovereignty, His purpose and His unfailing love for each of them.

When we received that first box of books, we sat it on the dining room table and gathered the kids around. Then my husband led us in the most beautiful time of worship, dedication and prayer. We  prayed that the book accomplishes God’s purposes and that it prospers. It’s our desire to touch people through the written words or through conversations that may result, and that in each case grace would be the result. In some ways, the book’s release reminded me of Hannah and Samuel. I’ve prayed for this little story, raised it, and now it’s been put into God’s service.

So far, the response and the reviews have been tremendous. I’m humbled that God would let me have a hand in it. I’d love for you to pick up a copy of Contingency and let the story and the characters grab hold of you. The people and the story may be fiction, but the way God works, how He changes lives and gives hope is the absolute truth.

In the meantime, do you have an unwavering trust in God, His sovereignty, His purpose and His unfailing love? What gifts or means are you using to communicate the truths you hold dear?

May He grant you according to your heart’s desire and fulfill all your purpose. Psalm 20:4

After working several years as research chemist, Paula Wiseman was blessed with the opportunity to stay home with her children and follow the writer’s path. She has been published in several Cup of Comfort devotional books and in Life Savors for Women. Contingency: Book One: Covenant of Trust Series, her debut novel, spent time on the Christian Fiction bestsellers list, and was also the #1 Hot New Release in Christian Fiction. Indemnity her second novel, releases April 2011. Paula blogs on matters of life and faith at

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