How to Be Great: The Bible’s Secret Marketing Tip

written by Kelly Langston | Featured, Promised-Based Living

May 26, 2011

Remember the line from the Cheers theme song,

“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name?”

In this age of reality shows and celeb wannabe’s, it seems that everyone wants their moment in the limelight. All of us – if we are true to ourselves – have a basic desire to be known by others.  We want to be listened to by others. Ultimately in this life …

We want to matter.

But how?  How can we matter?

The Bible presents a surprising pathway to becoming great.  As an Internet marketer, its my opinion that this Biblical tip is one of the most powerful and effective marketing secrets around. Quite simply, it can’t be beat.

Watch this video while I explain…

“But it must not be like that among you. On the contrary, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first among you must be a slave to all. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve,  and to give His life  —a ransom for many.”

Mark 10:32-45

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Kelly Langston sees prayer move mountains... and she writes about it. Author and prayer enthusiast, inspires through her writing, combining faith, storytelling, and transformative prayer to encourage deeper a rich spiritual connection with the Father. Having authored four non-fiction books and a series of "God Speaks" digital journals, she guides readers towards intimate conversations with God and recognizes the impact of prayer on our world.

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