How to Reach a Dream in a Crowded Marketplace (A Dream about Reaching a Dream!)

written by Kelly Langston | Dreams

April 29, 2018

I awoke from a dream about a dream.

Strange, right? In my dream, I had a dream of owning a boat. I went to a dealership where a salesperson directed me to a tiny boat with a hand-held rudder and a simple motor.

The salesperson asked if I would like to take a test ride, and I did. To try out the little boat, I had to carry it myself. With great difficulty, I heaved it over my shoulders and carried it precariously up a flight of wooden steps leading to a small lake where I could test the boat.

I put the boat in the water and rode around the lake, but the lake was small and crowded with many people. The people blocked the boat on every side. I longed to motor around the lake, but I struggled to find a space of water without people.

Struggling in place and frustrated, I looked up and saw several parasails soaring over the lake. They were flying high, rolling back and forth in the wind. Strangely, I noticed that the parasails were unmanned. This was odd.

Directing my attention back to the lake, the crowd of people thickened. They pushed my little boat against the edge of the lake until I could no longer move in the water.

The boat was stuck, and so was I.

Suddenly, I noticed that my boat was no longer there. I was standing in the water with the crowd. The salesperson came and asked if I was ready to buy the boat. I told her, “Not yet.”

So why am I sharing this dream with you?

I am sharing it because this dream has a message for people, like me, who have a God-inspired dream.
Whenever I get a dream that includes strange symbolism, like this one, I consider it carefully. Jesus taught using parables that included metaphors and symbolism.

Why did I dream of empty parasails? First, I needed to know why do people go parasailing in the first place. God loves us to draw near and ask the questions of our heart. I took my questions to Him in prayer and found my answer:

People go parasailing to fly high in the power of the wind, lifted into the sky to partake of an expansive, limitless view. Parasailing provides a wonderful sense of soaring in the wind high above the pressures of the world.

The parasails illustrate that there is an incredible vision that God wants to lift His children to see. The Holy Spirit is sometimes referred to as the wind.

Many Christians want to God to use them in mighty ways. We have dreams of doing something for God, but so many times, it’s hard to break through the crowds of people seeking a similar dream. For example, if you dream of writing, it’s a crowded marketplace! If you want to write a screenplay, you must break through the crowd to get your idea noticed.

This is the crowded lake in my dream. I was satisfied with trying out a tiny boat and riding it around in a crowded little lake. God wants the Holy Spirit to lift me above the crowd — to see the vision He has for me. He wants this for you as well.

Strangely, in this dream, the parasails were unmanned. Why the empty parasails?

God is ready to give dreams (callings or purposes) to His people, but He is looking for those who will seek Him first, and few are! When we seek the Lord first—to see where He’s moving—He will show us the way to soar above the crowds and achieve the dreams He gives us.

So few (including myself) are asking God to provide that vision before we step out. I have made this mistake too many times, but I’m doing it now.

Here’s the important takeaway for you:

God wants to lift you high in the Spirit to see the vision he has for your life. He desires to take you above the crowded spaces to show us His special vision. He can empower you and lead you by the Holy Spirit (the wind) to rise above the crowds to the place He has prepared for you!

The first step to achieving the dream is not research. It’s not talking to friends about your dream.

The first step to achieving a dream is going to God and asking him for His vision for you!

I promise you, there’s a vision He has for your life! God is waiting for you to seek Him so He can lift you above the crowds and show you something amazing.

Will you seek Him first? Don’t “buy the boat” until you seek Him!

In Christ, Kelly Langston

Photo by: Adrián Cerón  / CC BY-SA 4.0

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