On February 12, 2011

Is God Good? Yes, and It’s Time to Speak Out about It!

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Let Me Share One Thing That I Have Seriously Been Wrong About Lately:

In my video post today, I share something that I have not been doing right in my walk of faith, and why it’s time to change.  Psalm 145 tells us to speak out about His goodness from generation to generation, and from nation to nation. But I have been silent, afraid to speak out about God’s blessings. Yes, God is good, but who is going to know if I am silent?

We need to tell the world about the things He has done. Here is why:

Satan’s purpose is to convince us that God is not good.

It’s up to us to tell others about God’s goodness: From Psalm 145:

4 One generation will declare Your works to the next
and will proclaim Your mighty acts. (E)

5 I  will speak of Your glorious splendor
and Your wonderful works.

6 They will proclaim the power of Your awe-inspiring works,
and I will declare Your greatness.

7 They will give a testimony of Your great goodness
and will joyfully sing of Your righteousness.

So, my question for you is … What has God done for YOU lately?

Share just one thing that God has done in your life in a blog comment. Just one thing!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Kelly Langston
Kelly Langston is passionate helping others find the Promised Land that God has prepared for His children. Using Scripture as a roadmap and God's Promises as fuel for the journey, Kelly believes that every believer can find the extraordinary life that Christ died to give us. The journey ahead is an adventure of walking hand-in-hand with a God that loves us more than we can comprehend.
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    Chapter 01

    “Tell me that story again.”
    The account you are about to read is the story that my friends ask me to retell, and yes, it is true. This is my father’s story.
    I love it because it pulls back the veil for us to see how God works in mysterious ways. When I tell the story and get to the end, my friends will show me the goosebumps on their forearms. It’s that kind of story.

    Last Request

    When God calls you to do something special, you can be confident that He is leading the way. You may not understand His methods, but trust me… He is there.
    Gods ways are not our ways. We don’t know what He is doing to help us as we step out in faith.
    God never fails to surprise me in unique and marvelous ways.
    The miracle is that God does call us—you and me—to be a part of His glorious story.
    While the following account is true, some of the names have been changed for to protect privacy.