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Have you ever doubted God’s call on your life?

Ted Smith, a recently divorced mill worker, believes that God has called him to a special task: to share his faith with a dying atheist in the local hospital. Ted takes the calling seriously but when the dying man has one last request for Ted, it causes him to doubt that he actually heard from God.

One simple request shakes the foundation of Ted’s faith until a miraculous event proves that God was always there leading the way.

If you have ever doubted the “God call” on your life, this true short story will encourage you that God uses ordinary people for extraordinary tasks. It’s a supernatural short story about redemption and faith, revealing the miracles that are hidden behind the scenes of everyday life.

Last Request: A True Story about Faith and Redemption will speak to readers about the special calling that God has for each of us.



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About this special true story:

This true story―my father’s story―pulls back the veil to let us see how God works in mysterious ways. Whenever I tell the story to my friends, they show me the goosebumps on their forearms when I am done. It’s that kind of story!

When God calls you to do something special, you can be confident that He is leading the way. You may not understand His methods, but trust me… He is there.

The true story that will
give you chills.


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