Max Lucado’s Fearless Addresses Faith, Fear, and the Worrisome Question of “What if?”

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September 8, 2009

Max Lucado's Fearless“What if?”

That’s a question that many of us ask each day.  What if I lose my job today? What if my children can’t afford college? What if I’m in over my head?  What if I don’t matter?

After a year of economic hardship, I am glad to see Lucado address the question of fear.  His new book, Fearless, provides many explicit examples of the types of fear we experience each day, and provides scriptural ways to face each one so we can end fear’s grip on our lives.

Lucado writes in a comfortable, warm style.  Readers don’t have to work hard to dig out the book’s nuggets of wisdom.  The book’s chapters tackle common fears such as the fear of death, the fear of violence, and the fear of global calamity. Some fears addressed are obvious, such as the fear of not being able to protect my children, but some are more subtle, such as the fear of not mattering, or the fear of God getting out of “my box.”

One of my favorite chapters is “What if Things Get Worse,” addressing the fear of global calamity.  Lucado answers this question by stating that things will, in fact, get worse.  But the hope Christians have is that even when, as Lucado points out, things seem as if they are out of control, we can find peace in knowing that the reality is that God is in control. All is going according to His perfect will.

Fear paralyzes. Faith requires action. Fear cripples.  Faith restores.  Fear crushes us. Faith lifts us up to see our current situation as God sees it.  Lucado knows these things, and his book helps remind us of the commandment spoken more often than any other commandment in scripture: Do not fear.

Lucado’s Fearless dares us to live a life without fear.  Let’s do it!

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