One Last Request is an Enhanced Short Story for the iBookstore (and the iPad).

An Enhanced Short Story for the iPadI am fascinated by technology that allows readers to immerse themselves in a story. And my father’s true story of an amazing thing that God did behind the scenes of his life was the perfect one to share in this format.

My first enhanced short story, One Last Request, has just been completed by Langston Marketing Services. It will be available at Apple’s iBookstore and was designed for the iPad readers. The iBook includes an opening video, photographs from the actual setting of the story, and an audio interview with my father as he shares his own insights.

The best part isn’t even all of the cool interactive features, it’s the story! Every time I tell this story to a Bible Study group or a group of friends, I get wonderful comments and feedback. It’s a story that often gets passed along because it has such a wonderful message:

We just don’t know what God is doing behind the scenes of our lives. 

The enhanced short story is in the quality assurance checking stage with Apple’s iTunes store.  As soon as it gets the green light, I will post the link to it.

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Thank you!

One Last Request:

A dying atheist’s last request to a hospital visitor causes him to doubt God’s call on his own life … and to question his ability to deliver a very special message.



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