40 Prayers for Perilous Times: Day 6

written by Kelly Langston | 40 Prayers for Perilous Times

July 21, 2016

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40 Prayers for Perilous Times – Day 6

To know the Messiah’s love that surpasses knowledge, so you may be filled with all the fullness of God. Ephesians 3:19 HCSB

It’s Our Choice: Pray as a Child of God!

In this life, Lord, You’ve given us choices. Big choices… small choices.

Some choices make little difference in our lives, like choosing what to wear on any given day. Others are significant, like choosing a line of work.

Lord, in this country—America—You have blessed us with innumerable, precious choices.

And yet, Lord, I’ve taken these freedoms for granted.

I’m so sorry, Lord, that I sometimes forget the immeasurable value of the freedom to worship You openly. What an amazing gift it is! Thank You for it, and thank you every drop of blood sacrificed so that we may be counted as a free people.

Still, Lord, there’s another gift that is even greater:
the mysterious gift of free will.

In that gift—a freedom—You’ve given us an extraordinary choice: We have the freedom—through the sacrifice of Christ—to choose to become one of Your own: a child of the Most High God! Or, we can choose to be our own god.

The choice is ours.

How astounding that You’ve laid this choice at our feet! Every man, woman, and child has been blessed with free will.

No ruler can seize another man’s innermost heart. You’ve made it ours to give freely. Think about that!

Of all of the choices in life, this is the one that matters most! One choice leads to life everlasting, and the other leads to death.

Lord, I make this choice today:

I believe Jesus died to save me. Romans 10:9

I believe that He has washed every sin clean, and that through Him, I have full access to You as a child of God. (John 14)

So I will lean into You, Lord, that I may know You and be filled to the measure of Your fullness.

In a perilous time, I need the fullness of You now more than ever!

We are at war, but it’s not a war against flesh and blood. Only as a child of God can I stand firm in this war.

For this reason I ask You for the measure of all of the fullness of God, as your Word offers me.

Then I can pray in Your Name, in Your authority and with great expectation! 

Your Kingdom Come! Your will be done! To You be glory forever!

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Kelly Langston sees prayer move mountains... and she writes about it. Author and prayer enthusiast, inspires through her writing, combining faith, storytelling, and transformative prayer to encourage deeper a rich spiritual connection with the Father. Having authored four non-fiction books and a series of "God Speaks" digital journals, she guides readers towards intimate conversations with God and recognizes the impact of prayer on our world.

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