ProWritingAid: A Fantastic Tool for Writers and Students

written by Kelly Langston | Books, Dreams, Writing

November 20, 2018

How do I self-edit my manuscript?

I’d like to share one tool that I highly recommend for writing books, articles, assignments–you name it! It’s my go-to editing app. If you are a writer or a student, listen up:

ProWritingAid is a fantastic tool that reviews your writing and offers suggestions to make it shine. It’s quick, effective, and it will improve your writing tremendously. It’s like having a second set of eyes editing your work! If you are a writer, author, or a student, this app is truly amazing.

I’ve made a short demonstration for you to check it out some of the features of ProWritingAid.

(Can’t see the video? No problem! Click here to view online.):

If you do decide to purchase, I’d love it if you would purchase through my affiliate link:

Get ProWritingAid

Note: I receive a small commission if you purchase. Please know that I only affiliate with applications that I truly believe in and will help my readers in some significant way. Thanks for your support.



  • ProWritingAid looks like a wonderful tool to use. I am following instructions and leaving you a comment requesting that you show the video tutorial on the Dragon Professional dictating tool. Thank you.

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