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kelly langston

“I possess and read many prayer books but this one, this one… I felt the heat of His presence. Praying these prayers will shake earth’s atmosphere, and deliverance will come."

Theodora H.

Amazon Reviewer of 40 prayers for perilious times

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As a retired law enforcement officer, I had the opportunity to share my faith with many people as they sat handcuffed in the back seat of my unit (captive audience). Most I never saw again, and don't have any idea of the results, just like this book we have to share the good news and leave the results to GOD. Enjoyed this book.

Amazon Reviewer of Last request

Kelly’s words, steeped in Biblical truth and God’s Word, will empower you to have courage and stand firmly on God’s WORD and PROMISES, as you take your prayers to a whole new level – HIS!

lori l. - Amazon reviewer

For showing readers like myself the light regarding the dreams the Lord has given us, as a reviewer and aspiring author of Christian books, it gratifies me to give the author, Kelly Langston, the 5 STARS she richly deserves.

Regarding DREAMS let us remember MATTHEW 19:26 [ESV]
But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

robin - goodreads reviewer of when god gives a dream

Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to be a writer. But it wasn't until recently that I had a strong desire to pave a path for myself as a writer that I realized it was something God called me to do.

People always discourage creatives to go with the practical route, but the question is... is that really what God created you for?

L.L Lilly - Goodreads reviewer

This was such a beautiful book to experience and it’s life changing. Though it isn’t that long, it is power packed with lovely words of encouragement, scripture, and prophetic writing. I will make this book a keepsake and go back to it whenever I need to read it again

delisa t - goodreads review of when god gives a dream

One quote I love: ' In God's hands, autism is only another beautiful color in the tapestry of colors for your life and the life of your child. He can take this disorder and weave it,like a vibrant thread, into something of beauty and grace and strength, a magnificent masterpiece of great worth and priceless value. '

debbie - goodreads reviewer of autism's hidden blessings

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This book came across my path at a time when I asked if God was really with me in my dream. Through the book and study book, I recovered my answers. Now I know God is part of my vision. That He has my back.

lynelle C.

Such a wonderful book of prayer and encouragement for us to develop our own personal prayers. Beautiful link to scripture. A great guide and appropriate for all times in our lives. I liked the book so much I bought for many of my prayer partners.


This book is a bold collection of prayers that are so relevant to the current state of our nation, but it also transcends current times and can be applied to all aspects of life. Kelly Langston incorporates scripture for the reader and also encourages the reader to journal their own prayers.


Kelly Langston is a refreshing and honest speaker in today's world. She is down to earth and teaches and relates her view like chatting with a dear friend. I can't wait for the next podcast. Start praising, people!

Selby wife - podcast review

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