Signs of God's Provision

Providence. By definition the term means,

“the foreseeing care and guidance of God over the creatures of the earth.”  

Twelve years ago Matt and I moved into our Charlotte home. With a load of boxes and furniture, a toddler, and a son on the way, we unpacked our dreams of prosperity and opportunity. We had been married four years and life was good. New job, new baby, new life. How could anything go wrong?

Yet life brings surprises. Trials and challenges.

Two years later, our dinner conversations centered around a new topic — autism — after our son was diagnosed with the disorder.  Life as we knew it was different, often confusing and unknown.

In 2008, Matt’s industry took a dive in the recession. I stopped dwelling on the long list of repairs our home needed and began praying that we would be able to stay in it.  The pile of bills never diminished. We pulled back on therapies for our son and struggled with expenses of raising a family. Even small purchases terrified me.

And we wondered, “Will we make it?”

Today I drive back to that same home, the one dotted with patches of rotting wood and in need of a good coat of paint. As I drive, I pass a shopping center. Providence Commons. I drive down a street named Providence Road and turn left. I pass another road—this one called Providence Lane—and enter my neighborhood. The welcoming sign at the entrance reads “Olde Providence.” The elementary school where my young children attended is nearby. It, too, bears the name “Providence.”

It suddenly occurs to me that I have always been surrounded by Providence. By God’s Provision. His unforeseen care over my life.

So many nights I tossed in bed wondering if we could make it one more day. So many days I wanted to throw in the towel. The odds were stacked too high against us. Yet in all of those years of struggle, we were covered by God’s divine and all-knowing care.

So are you.

Had I looked, I would have seen the reminders that God had placed around me: Providence Road, Providence Lane, Olde Providence Neighborhood, Providence Elementary … and the list goes on. Uncanny reminders that I am covered by God’s provision and care. Coincidences?

Look around you. Do you see the signs of God’s love around you? I ask you,

What road signs has God placed around you to remind you that He is with you in your struggles?

I believe that if you look, you, too, will see signs. God’s “road sign reminders” of His divine care for you. When you do, I’d love to hear back from you to tell me what you find.



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