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Kelly’s topics focus on: Worship, God’s Favor, Promised-Based Living, and Special Needs

Speaking Topics:

Undignified: When Worship Gets Real: Are you afraid to worship freely?  Do you get nervous during your worship time, or feel yourself “holding back?” Focusing on the 2 Samuel 6 story of  King David’s ushering of the Ark into Jerusalem, this message is not for the faint of heart.  When you surrender your dignity in worship — as David did as he danced and whirled without his kingly attire –you are choosing to lay down your nobility, your esteemed position, or perhaps your prominent image, to worship God in freedom. David worshiped the Lord with every ounce of his being.  His worship was undignified. That’s the kind of worship ushers in the very presence of God.


Divine Promises for Those of Us in the Land of the Living: Do you want to know the key to empowered Christian living? It’s found in the a life fully based on the promises of God. Kelly helps you discover your inheritance of scriptural promises given to you by a God Who is faithful to honor each and every one of them.  Learn the reasons why we can trust God to honor His word, and how promised-based living will radically transform your life journey!


Do you ever feel like you are invisible? Have you ever done something special – whether it’s a gift, a ministry, or a service – and felt like no one noticed?  Have you worked hard to bless someone, and felt like it was all for nothing?  Have you questioned if anyone cared, or if your offering mattered at all?  Let’s unpack a beautiful example of worship in Mark 14, one that others overlooked, but Jesus treasured.  Your gifts are precious to the Lord!


Life’s Greatest Blessings are Behind the Biggest Giants: Are you facing incredible odds? Are you losing hope in a changing world? Are you tired of fighting the battle? Remember that the fight you are facing today is really God’s battle. Kelly takes us back to the time of David to study his strategy, passion and wisdom as he faced one of the mightiest warriors of his time, only to discover what was waiting behind Goliath: God’s divine and incredible purpose for his life.  Discover why God often places our biggest blessings just beyond the greatest giants that we face!


Rescue from Lo-debar: How God Calls Us from the Land of No Communication to a King’s Table (This message is wonderful for families dealing with autism and special needs): Do you wonder if God really cares about our suffering? What does God have to say to people who are living with a special need? One significant Bible story shares a life-changing message of hope for anyone dealing with a hardship or need.  In the story of Mephibosheth, God reaches out to restore a handicapped boy who had lost everything to a place at the King’s table. This message shows us that God can reach us where ever we are and longs to restore us a place of honor at His table … where we are forever welcomed.


Don’t Forget Your Robe! Wrapping Up in God’s Favor: Each child of God was created to fulfill a special purpose to bring glory to God. But before we step out into that calling, we must remember to clothe ourselves in the favor of God.  What is favor and do we really have it? Kelly gives a fascinating look at the aspect of favor as symbolized in Biblical stories of robes. From the colorful robe of Joseph, the envy of his brothers, to the story of Queen Esther putting on her royal robe before approaching her king to save her people, and a special robe at the foot of the cross–one that soldiers thought they could win– all illustrate God’s favor as a gift that can never be earned or bought. Kelly reminds us that we need to understand and put on God’s favor before we step into the special place He prepares for us.

Recent Speaking Events:

Retreat Worship Leader:  Garr  Memorial Church 2011 Fall Retreat, Camp Lurecrest, Lake Lure, NC

“INSIGHT LIVE” with host Paul Arthur”, Canada’s Miracle Channel. (December 13th, 2010) A current-affairs program tackling topics ranging from church and religious matters to world events and politics. The lines are always open for calls, and viewers across Canada from any religious or non-religious background are welcome to agree or disagree.

“Autism in the Bible: A Closer Look at Unfailing Love,” Mother-to-Mother Luncheon Keynote Address, Harrisburg, PA, April 24, 2010,

WNXT Radio Interview with Barb Pratt: Portsmouth, Ohio, May 1st, 2009

Autism Project of Southern Ohio Presentation, Portsmouth, Ohio

Autism Hangout Interview: “Key Learnings of Autism Thought Leaders” Series with Craig Evans

The “What’s Up Radio Program with Terry Lowry”


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