The Authenticity Challenge: Bloggers Getting Real with Daily Christianity

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January 21, 2010

What does it mean to be a Christian?Authentic Christianity

We all know what it looks like.  Everyday we see televangelists on the air talking about politics, the mission field, crimes and the eternally lost criminals who commit them.

The media, in fact, provides the most prominent representation of Christianity to the general public. But fame and Christianity are uneasy partners and sadly, so many times the power of a public pulpit leads to an untimely fall, one that is captured by cameras and transmitted around the world. The spotlight has cast a sour light on our faith, illuminating a religion that appears self-serving, money-centered and steeped in hypocrisy.

But is this true Christianity?

What does it mean to live a Christian life?  Are Christians perfected, never to sin again?  Are we more concerned with our professional lives–our career track, our personal taxes, our plans for the summer– or are we overflowing with compassion for those who hurt?  Do we live and plan for the future, or do we live on a daily basis, actively searching for what God is doing around us at any given moment, and jumping in to join Him?

What does living a Christian life look like on a daily basis? What does it look like at the supermarket or in our cubicles?  What does it look like when we are worn and tired and cannot pay our monthly bills? When our kids are asking for more than we can give? What does it look like when we have been treated wrongly by those we love? What is Christianity….really?

The Authenticity Challenge: What Living a Christian Life REALLY Looks Like

I am calling for at least 12 bloggers who are willing to take a two week Authenticity Challenge with me.  I am asking for at least 12 bloggers to commit to posting at least once a day about an event that occurred and how your Christian faith helped you deal with the situation.  I am not looking for extraordinary events, although if one should find you, by all means writing about it!  Instead, I want to know how Christianity effects us in small, subtle and often-overlooked ways.  Our God is present with us at every moment and each day we are here, we are purposed by God. What does that look like?

No Sugar-Coated Christianity, Please!

Every day presents challenges. I am asking for authenticity in written posts with the focus being on God at work in and through your day.  Did you seek God in Scripture, or did life get too busy? If you snapped at a cashier, write about it. Why did you do it? Did you feel that gentle tug of the Spirit when you snapped?  What did you learn from the interaction? Did you seek forgiveness?

I am looking for writers to be extraordinarily sensitive to the workings of the Spirit within the ordinary events of the day. I am not looking for sugar-coated Christianity. Let’s get real with our faith and share it! Are you up to it?

What is the Purpose, Anyway?

A good question! This project has come to my heart because I believe the world is desperate to see what real Christianity looks like.  The only true example of Christianity is described in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John by studying the life, actions and experiences of Jesus Himself.  And the rest of us?  We are merely works in progress. However, we do have this:  a tangible relationship with that sole, perfect example of Christianity: Jesus.  This relationship is real and present on a daily basis in the lives of Christians.  This is what I want you to write about! True Christianity is a faith of daily experiences, daily progress, daily introspection and adjustment, and most of all, daily validation that we are, indeed, vastly loved by the Father.

The second purpose: By spending two weeks of intensely focusing on God’s presence in the everyday events around me, I know that I will learn to view life in a different way: God’s way.  The process of seeking God all around me will seep deep into my soul so that it becomes entirely natural way to view the daily events of my life.  In the process I want to allow God to wring out any hypocrisy from my own life so I can live out my faith authentically, just as Jesus did.  I am expecting God to show up and teach each committed blogger some amazing truths about Who He is, Where He is working around us, and How our lives can be fulfilled by living within His purpose.

So do you want to join me?

The challenge begins on Monday, January 25th and ends on Monday, February 8th. Any bloggers who would like to journey with me must be committed to post on a daily basis–either at the end of a particular day or in the morning of the following day– writing about how Christianity played out in your life on that day.

I need at least 12 bloggers to commit, but I will be thrilled if more bloggers join in. We can share our blog addresses in the sidebars.  When it is all over, I’ll ask you to write about how this experience affected each of you.  Please feel free to recruit blogging buddies in this journey by directing them to this post. If you are willing to take a two week journey with me, just comment below with your name and blog address. I will add your blog addresses so we can journey together. Please forward and share!

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