Has God Given You a Vision?


Something wonderful whispered to you on a quiet night when all you could hear was the wind in the trees and your breath in the air?  Did it flash across your mind’s eye on an all-too ordinary day, looking out of the kitchen window, washing dishes when there it was? When suddenly knew that you had something special to do?

Do you remember envisioning more for your life? More than getting up, going through the motions, returning home, and pulling the covers over your head at night … only to do it again the next day? Has the routine of life sapped your energy and left you restless?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can relate. And if so, I have good news for you:

I believe that God has more.
Much more for you and for me, too.

I am convinced that God has a calling — a special purpose or divinely inspired task — for each of His children. If you are a Christ-follower, that means you.

So the question is: why do we often lose that vision to wander through life?  Why do we get lost somewhere, spending countless days wandering in a dry, barren place … instead of running to our own Promised Land?

In looking both at Scripture and at life, here is one reason:

 “It just got too hard.” 

Let me explain: When we are given a vision (a calling), isn’t it exciting? Do you remember daydreaming about the possibilities for your life?  What could be? God places a longing in every heart for something more.

Remember the days when the vision made you jump out of bed in the morning?  When your steps were light and your energy flowed? Life was amazing!

But then… something happened.  And you stopped dead in your tracks. What was it?

For me, it was the voices of the naysayers.  “You can’t do that,” they said, shaking their heads with a smile. “You don’t have the experience or the background.”  So I began to think, Well, they are right. Maybe I can’t do this. I stopped running and began to walk.

In every path to that place of purpose, there are obstacles.  Terrifying giants that occupy the land. We raise our palm to our eyes and squint upward to see the giants towering over us. Our hope dissipates like the fog in mid-morning heat. Then we see the truth: Reaching our promised land is impossible.

What were we thinking? So we stop walking and we turn back.

One of my favorite scenes (if not my favorite) from any movie is this one from A League of Their Own.  In the scene Jimmy Duggan (hilariously played by Tom Hanks) catches Dottie Hinson (Geena Davis), the star player of the first All-American Girls Baseball League, packing up to quit and head back to Oregon. Watch the clip here, or if  you can’t seen it, click on this link to watch it on my blog:

Not every traveler will make it to the special place that God has prepared for them.  Not every dreamer will wake up and live the vision that God has placed deep into their spirit.

Think about it: In the journey to the Promised Land, tens of thousands of Israelites died in the wilderness falling short of  — and write this down because it’s a lesson for each of us  — the place that God had already GIVEN them.

We don’t have to stay in the wilderness!
Scripture provides instructions to cross our Jordan and reach our Promised Land!  

Don’t you want to go there? I do!  But know this: The journey will be hard.  Knowing the people who read my blog, my guess is that it’s already hard. (Please comment below if I’ve guessed correctly.)

The Israelites weren’t alone as they traveled and neither are we. I want to take this journey with you.  I want to place my tired, dusty feet on promised soil.  I want to allow God to take me by the hand and lead me there. I’ve spent far too long in the wilderness already. It’s time for me to cross!



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