What People Are Saying

What people are saying about Kelly Langston and her writings about autism …

“What a beautiful encounter. I am filled with tears of joy right now…and I have needed them so badly. I am wracked with fear that my little Nathan will not understand the things of God. Will he ever understand what Jesus did for him???? God is so much bigger than autism. His ways are so above anything. God Bless you!!!!!” (from Deanne)

“Sometimes, we don’understand why things keep crashing and spiraling downwards, but I believe, that’s God’s way of turning our faces unto Him so that we may focus on Him completely, and so that when He has His divine touch on Alec, we KNOW it has to be God”. (from Jan)

“I found your website from NBC and it is wonderful. My son Tristan, now six, was diagnosed four years ago. I admire your dedication, determination and positive perspective in helping your son and other families”. (from Cyndi)

“I am so impressed with the amount of power you’ve found in your own voice, not only for Alec, but for other special needs kids.” (from Erin)

“I am praising God right now for the insight that you shared with the rest of us! Thank you God for revealing this to Kelly during Alec’s victory today. Go Alec, go Alec…” (from Sheila)

“I think in a lot of ways our journeys have been the same. I too have a very strong faith in God that carries me through. I choose to believe his promises when my heart is breaking, and I put my hope and our future in his hands.” (from Lisa)

“You always put into words what is going on in our parallel universes.” (from Tina)

“How bizarre, you just described my head perfectly when I went into recovery. I so wanted to be understood, but I didn’t have the words to express what I felt. I had lived in my head for so many years. Alec is a very lucky boy, to have you, patience, tolerance, accepting the “normally” unacceptable, that’s the kind of love that was shown to me when I first started in my recovery…” (from a 38 year old autistic man)

“It’s nice to know that there are people out there like you who are going through the same thing, it’s comforting to know we’re not alone.” (from Sandra)

“Thank you so much! I read this and cried. Then I read it to my office mate. My son, who is 3 has autism and I too have struggled with how to show God in his life. It is more and more coming to my understanding that God shows himself in Christian more than I could ever fathom.” (from Tracy)

“Wow! What an awesome story of God’s ability to communicate and His desire to break through our hearts and minds. Thanks for sharing it with me.” (from Randy)

Your postings uplift me so much! I cry tears of joy when reading your experiences because I know that I am not alone. My head knows that, but your words dig into my heart and soul. I feel such anguish over my son’s autism. I have found every way to blame myself: a hard pregnancy, poor nutrition, toxic exposure, heavy condemnation. The enemy whispers all sorts of lies to me. I am up at night accusing myself. NONE of that helps my Nathan. Your words remind me that God is in control. Nathan is no mistake. He is a gift. God Bless you. Thank you for sharing your journey. I pray we will see progress as you are. (from Deanne)


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