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Do you have a God-inspired Dream?

Has God given you a dream that seems impossible to achieve? Is it a dream so hard to reach that you are considering giving up on it, even though God has called you to it?

If you have a God-sized dream of doing something amazing, this is the book to encourage you to press on! 

Does Your Dream Seem Impossible?

You might be closer to it than ever before!

Whenever God gives a dream, it won’t be easy to achieve in your own power. That’s because God gives impossible dreams that require His supernatural assistance.

Discover the characteristics of a God-inspired dream

Learn how to determine if a dream is from God

Be encouraged to press on when a dream seems lost

Learn why we can trust God with our dream

Discover the secret to reaching an impossible dream

Learn how to ask God for help to achieve a dream

From the Book:

God has a greater plan, and amazingly, He’s called us to be a part of it. He placed you perfectly where you now live, and He provided you with people, provisions, and opportunities to assist you in achieving your God-inspired dream.
God planned a special purpose for your life long before you were born. He specifically created you and gifted you with unique talents for that purpose.

Like being homesick for a place that you have yet to call home, a God-inspired dream is the vision of something that is not but longs to be.

If you can relate, this book is for you!

Don’t Wait Any Longer.
Start the journey towards
your dream today.


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