When God Gives a Dream

written by Kelly Langston | Dreams, Featured

February 5, 2018

Sometimes God gives us a dream. A wonderful, amazing dream.

Maybe it’s a dream to do something unique, something special for God: A call to sing, or to write a book, or start a ministry. It could be something personal, like the dream of having children, or embarking on a fulfilling career, or marrying a spouse that qualifies as a bonafide “soul mate.”

May I ask you a few questions:

  • Has God whispered a special dream to you?
  • Have you been blessed with a glimpse of attaining that dream, reaching for it, only to have it sift through your fingers like sand?
  • Have you given up (or all but given up) on that special dream?

I’ve noticed a surprisingly common thread running through many stories of people who choose to pursue a God-inspired dream:

When God gives a special dream to one of His children, often there will come a time when the dream seems all but lost.

I, too, have been given a special dream. I’ve seen it, touched it and tasted it … only to have it disappear and wither away.

Or so it seemed.

In fact, this has happened not just once, but several times in my life. Each time, as I saw evidence of reaching the dream. I could almost touch it, taste it, and attain it, the reality of it vanished before my eyes.

What did I do? I became frustrated. Then I became despondent, and yes, even angry at times … that is until I dug into scripture and found that I was not alone. The truth is:

God’s been inspiring dreams for centuries.

In studying the Biblical stories, I discovered a pattern: Typically, the dreamer comes to a place where the dream is all but dead. With insurmountable obstacles in the way of achieving the God-inspired dream, the dreamer finally lets go of it and relinquishes control to God.

That’s exactly when the story changes as God breathes new life into the dream. It’s the turning point!

When the dreamer comes to the point of laying down his dream forever — accepting God’s ultimate sovereignty in his circumstances — God miraculously grants the dream to the dreamer.


Because as the dreamer reaches an impossible dream in God’s provision, the Father is glorified in this way. As God is magnified, His glory is evident to others and they are drawn to God’s infinite power, mercy and grace.

Achieving a dream in God’s power magnifies God. 

I’ll leave you with this very good news:

If the dream that God has placed in your heart seems impossibly far away—even to the point of dying—you just might be CLOSER to it than ever before!

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Amazing photo by:  Greg Rakozy

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