Want to experience something divine? Have you ever felt the goosebumps of brushing up with the divine nature of Christ? Do you want to know where we can go to fully experience the Holy Presence of God?

If so, let’s take look at a special miracle that occurred at a pool of healing waters, the Pool of Betheseda. This story provides a clue on how we, too, can encounter God’s power. This story provides a clue about where we can go to experience the supernatural Presence of God.


  • Jesus’ first public miracle takes place near the Pool of Betheseda, which means “house of mercy” and “house of grace”
  • The pool of Betheseda is located near the Sheep Gate (also called “Lions Gate”) the place where the sheep were washed to be sacrificed for the atonement of sins.
  • The Sheep Gate is  on the Via Dolorosa, (Latin for “way of grief” or “way of suffering.” This was Jesus’ walk to the cross.)  Jesus would have walked past those sheep as He went to the cross as the perfect Lamb of God!

The following short video looks at the miracle at the Pool of Bethesda, and studies Scripture to find how we, too, can experience the divine in this life:


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