November 6, 2018 (Mid-Term Election Day)

As I prayed on Election Day, asking God about the elections, I wrote this as the Spirit led:

“I will show you My glory despite the results. Nothing can stand between Me and My people. I hear and restore.”

I believe it. Our job is to pray, repent, and seek Him. I trust every promise. Today, my prayer is: “Lord, I trust You.”

January 5, 2018 Journal Entry:

“I wait (for My people) but no one comes to Me (to listen). I have life to give, but no one comes. My Word is fresh every day, unique to all of My children.”

“Who will come? Who will seek Me? I have wonders to tell and I give them freely to those who come! Who will come?”

“Who will create a place, a space, to seek Me?”

December 29, 2017 Journal Entry:

“I will put another Supreme Court Justice in office in 2018.  An additional Justice will be removed, but that position will not be filled until the following year.  Replacing these will be a man and woman of God.”

“Trump will speak out even more boldly now for My ways in 2018. Others will follow and then I will release a wave of My Spirit over the land, even in my churches although it will not begin there. It cannot be contained and some will try (to contain it), but if they do, I will remove them from position.”

“I have chosen My vessels and placed them where they wait for my Word. They are on assignment. They will be My voices in the land. I will release My Spirit one last time across the land. A great awakening will follow.”

In the name of Jesus. 


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