Coaching with Kelly Langston

Motivation. Inspiration. Self-Publishing Know-How.
Listen to God. Follow Your Dream.

Ideation and Research Strategies

Do you have an idea for a book? Get assistance to research your idea to know how to properly place your book in the marketplace. I’ll provide you with a roadmap of steps to get you going! 

Technology Assistance

Don’t let technology get you down! If you are stuck in any way with regards to technology, I can help you get “unstuck” fast.  

Self-Publishing Coaching

  Coaching for any step of the self-publishing process including: tools and organization strategies; editing and cover design; formatting; keywords + metadata; publishing + distribution; and launch strategies.

Marketing + Launch Guidance

Help to get your book into the hands of readers! Guidance to help you with author websites, mailing lists,  launching and advertising. 

Do you have a burning desire to write something so powerful that it can change

so​​​​​meone’s life for the better?

Most of us can think back to a story or a book that touched us deeply. That’s because words have the power to change lives. Inspired words that come at troubling times can provide a new outlook on life.

Why choose to self-publish?

No more waiting for someone to take a chance on you.

Tired of knocking on a door waiting for a publisher to open it? Learn the steps to self-publish your books and open the door yourself.

You don't need an existing platform to be published.

Most publishing houses won’t take a chance on a writer—no matter how gifted they are—without an existing platform. It’s too much of financial risk for publishers. Today it’s never been easier to self-publish… and grow your platform along the way!

Don't pay thousands of dollars to be published!

Writers who don’t know how to self-publish often consider a publishing vendor who, at a high cost, will complete the publishing process for them. These vendors can charge thousands of dollars to publish a book. You can learn the steps without handing over your life’s savings.

You retain control and receive higher royalties.

Authors published by traditional publishing houses have to market their books. By self-publishing, you have more control and receive higher royalty rates. 

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

If you are stuck at any stage in your journey to self-publish, I can help you get “unstuck” quickly.  I offer a variety of appointments for every step of the way.  Still not sure? Send me your questions or Contact me here.

I haven't self-published before and I don't know where to begin.

Once you learn the steps to self-publish a book, you can repeat the same steps for multiple books along the way!

I don't have any technology skills. Can you help me?

There are many ways to self-publish! Before you spend thousands of dollars to hire a publishing company to do it for you, I can help suggest freelance services which will do the same work … and more affordably! I can also suggest tools that make the process much easier than you might expect. 

I have a very limited budget but I still want to publish my book.

Good news! You can learn how to self-publish your book affordably.  I can discuss options with you that will meet your budget (even if it’s very tight.)

I've written a book but I don't know how to format it.

It’s never been easier to format a book professionally! I can suggest options for you to produce a beautiful and professionally formatted book.

What about launching and marketing? Can you help?

Absolutely! From setting up an author site (and even suggesting alternatives), to developing a readers list, to advertising on Amazon, I can help you. 

About me

Hi! I’m Kelly, and I’ve authored my books via traditional and self-publishing methods. I’ve pitched proposals to publishers, and I’ve walked through the entire process with editing, cover design, and publishing.

I also know how to self-publish. I know where to find cover designers and editors. I’ve designed entire books from start to finish, and I’ve self-published them for print and digital formats.

Most importantly—and this matters—I ask God for guidance in all that I do. This is the one thing that sets a Christian author apart from the rest:

We write to glorify God, and when we allow Him to lead the way, we will reach people in powerful ways we cannot begin to imagine.

My dream? To teach you how to publish your books easily and affordably so your stories will be a Light in to world in need.

Still Have Questions?

Questions? Feedback? Send me a message!


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